1. So excited at finishing my BFA in Creative Writing! I’m on to my next venture. I’ve started three small businesses in my life and now that school is finished I’m starting the next one. I can’t wait to share it a little later :)!

  2. hitrecord:

    “CROWD - This week’s word for the 10 MIN. WRITING CHALLENGE”

    Collaboration by tori


    Here’s how the 10 Minute Writing Challenge collaboration works:

    * Use this week’s prompt word - CROWD - and free write for 10 minutes 

    * After 10 minutes is done, review for spelling/grammar only


    * Contribute your Text RECord to the collab HERE


  3. lydiamakespictures:

    The other day I had the opportunity to meet one of my favorite designers, Jessica Walsh, who has recently been named partner at Sagmeister & Walsh, a playful and well regarded design firm started by Stefan Sagmeister in the early 90’s. Jessica’s work is strikingly dynamic and she often uses…

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  4. nathanjohnson:


    Zach Johnson’s poster for Looper.

    I couldn’t be prouder of my brother!

  5. loopermovie:

    Composer Nathan Johnson and I will be on “The Character of Music” panel at San Diego Comic-Con, on Thursday the 12th, 6pm.  Nate and I have been making movies together since we were 10, and his score for Looper is really something special.  Come on down and hear us yak about it!

  6. loopermovie:

    Our new, full trailer will debut online Thursday 6/28.  Watch this space.

  7. nathanjohnson:

    Hey everyone… really excited to bring you the first taste of the score for Looper!!!

    Click above for a little peek into how we created the “Time Machine” cue

  8. nathanjohnson:

    Here’s a bit of info on my Looper panel with Rian this Thursday at Comic Con… Click the photo for the link.

  9. Superhawk. This side view is nice and the polished concrete floor is pretty cool too.

  10. Superhawk getting cleaned up. (Taken with Instagram) As you can see there is some rust on the engine and metal and chrome. The first clean up I used armor all and wizard’s metal polish.